BestMatch advisors are simple web tools that help your customers decide which of the products you offer is best for them. The advisors ask your users straightforward questions about their product needs and expectations; for example:”how far away do you sit from your TV?” or “Will you be taking sports and action shots with this camera?”

These answers are then combined with our detailed database of real human knowledge to instantly recommend the best products tailored to each customer, just like a pro would do.

We Got You Covered

We go where your users go. That means that BestMatch is optimized for your computer, Smartphone, Tablet, or wherever else the future might take us.

Integrating BestMatch on any web platform is simple, elegant and straightforward. Perfect for reaching every customer, no matter how they get online.


Online Salesperson

BestMatch isn’t just a fancy search engine. It’s like having your best
salesperson at your customers’ fingertips, 24/7. Our knowledge database
actually educates users about the products they want. We don’t just
give them a list of matches, but rather show them features, rankings, reviews and specs. We also add pros and cons to help them better choose.

Even when customers don’t know anything about their ideal product, BestMatch guides them through every step of the way, just like your best salesperson.

Tailored Recommendation

The secret ingredient in BestMatch is our patent pending algorithm. This algorithm combines your answers with the knowledge of real-life product experts to create matches perfectly tailored to your needs. Our team of experts study the market, analyzing the latest tech-trends to ensure our Advisors never miss a beat.

 The result is a system capable of not only understanding and adapting to every customer’s needs, but also finding the best products to meet those needs.

BestMatch Advisors are the next evolution in personal sales


Intuitive Process

Using the advisors is quick and easy, even for the most tech-adverse users out there.

All the questions are based on user lifestyle, which makes answering them simple and intuitive for anyone. The process takes less than two minutes after which users have their matches and are ready to make a decision.

Shopping doesn’t get easier than this.

Costumers Love to Share

Going through the questions on the advisors is fun and inviting.

Users are eager to enter their preferences and discover what products best meet their needs. In fact, over 90% of users who answered one question go on to answer all of the questions.
Users love to share information, especially when they understand the benefits.


Everything Explained

Every recommendation BestMatch makes is powered by real-life product experts.

The power of the finder is being able to communicate this highly detailed knowledge to every customer in a meaningful way.
Products on the match page are displayed with match percentages and detailed rankings about all their features to show customers exactly how well each product matches their needs.

Cross Platforms

When it comes to E-commerce, sales conversion is the bottom line. As an online retailer, you need to turn web traffic into quality sales. As demonstrated in this case study with Paul’s TV, the BestMatch Application is an incredibly effective tool to accomplish this essential goal.

Delivering our expert-driven, cross-platform advisors results in a higher level of customer satisfaction and a higher value per customer.

Cross Platforms

Better Ways to Engage

Engaging users has never been easier.

BestMatch advisors integrate seamlessly into existing sites, displaying an unobtrusive help marker that informs users that shopping assistance is available, we’re there for them.

Navigating through the advisor and providing your responses is a breeze, making BestMatch the most effective way to engage with your customers.


Integrating the BestMatch advisors is as simple as placing a script tag or an HTML 5 data attribute to whichever element you choose.

No embedding required. We take care of the setup and maintenance, and keep the system aligned with your store’s inventory, prices and campaigns. This leaves you free to focus on what matters most, your job.