Bringing a Salesperson to Online Shopping

Bringing a Salesperson to Online Shopping


For Retailers

The first ever human-knowledge backed system that acts just like a salesperson for your website!

Before the Internet, retail shopping was a very personal experience.  Customers participated in an interpersonal exchange with a salesperson.  There was a lot of interaction and communication.  Salespeople had the opportunity to pay attention to customers and learn about their preferences.

BestMatch uses the same approach to personalize the online shopping experience.  Customers answer simple questions as they interact with your site, which then automatically recommends the most appropriate products using information contributed by top product experts.  BestMatch helps online retailers to deliver a more satisfying (and efficient) shopping experience to their customers.

  • Professional Knowledge
  • Reliable, Personal Service
  • Persuasive Deal Closer


By using a simple questionnaire to determine customer preferences, BestMatch guides the online shopping experience and recommends the most relevant products for each customer. Engaged customers spend more time on your site and are more confident in their purchasing decisions, dramatically increasing conversion.

Customer Loyalty

By directly engaging with customers and giving them the opportunity to express their product preferences in a simple and helpful way, BestMatch is a valuable tool that assists you in managing the relationship with each and every customer.

BestMatch functions as a personal shopping assistant, attending to customers and “educating” them during the sales process, resulting in increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Soon after adding BestMatch, online retailers experience dramatically higher rates of conversion, as well as more sales in the long term with customers returning again and again.

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Less Returns

People that make better shopping decisions are less likely to make returns later.

Customers using BestMatch to guide their purchasing decisions create a whopping 26% less customer care issues.

BestMatch’s team of qualified product experts contributes valuable information that guides the sales process, ensuring the highest levels of satisfaction with the shopping experience as well as with the product purchase.

Vast Cataloge Support

Vast Catalog Support

Our catalog is constantly growing and is maintained by our qualified staff of product experts.

Current product categories include consumer electronics, home and garden, and pet supplies and new items are added everyday.

When introducing new products on their site, online retailers currently using BestMatch typically see that the products are already in our catalog.

Time on Site

On average, shoppers spend 9 additional minutes on sites using the BestMatch app, which dramatically increases the likelihood of product purchase from the website.

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Zero Integration

BestMatch makes it simple to empower your site with the powerful Personal Shopping Advisor. All you need to do is add a single script tag to your website. We do all the rest, including:

  • Call-for-actions (engagement points)
  • Maintenance (keeping track of site updates)
  • Price tracking
  • Inventory tracking
  • Promotion tracking

Constant Market Update

Our qualified staff of product experts continually track the market.

With constant product updates, our product advisors dynamically evolve to provide the best, most up-to-date information to your customers.


Cross Platform

Complete support for all browsers, tablets and mobile devices. BestMatch improves the shopping experience for all of your customers.

  • All web browsers, including Explorer, Chrome and Firefox
  • All tablets, including iPad, Kindle, Android, Galaxy and more
  • mobile devices including iPhone, Android and more

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